Arundel Freemasons Lodge No. 5822
in The Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex
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The History of Arundel Lodge No. 5822 Freemasonry started in Arundel in the year 1789, when the Lodge of Brotherly love moved down from London after 53 years and became known as the Howard Lodge of Brotherly Love, meeting at the Crown Inn, Arundel. In the year 1800 the meeting place changed to the Norfolk Arms Hotel and activity lapsed from between the year 1838 to 1859, but revived again in 1891 when the Lodge removed to Littlehampton. No Masonic meetings were held in Arundel between the years 1891 and 1938. In that year several local brethren decided to revive Masonry in Arundel, and under the sponsorship of the Howard Lodge of Brotherly Love No 56, The Arundel Lodge was formed. The ceremony of consecration took place at the Masonic Temple at Brighton on Friday, 23 rd  February 1940. The Consecrating Officers were :- R.W.Bro Major R Lawrence Thornton, C.B.E, D.I.M.A, P.G.D, Provincial Grand Master. W.Bro.  Col. C.R.B Godman, T.D, P.G.D, Deputy Provincial Grand Master. W.Bro.  Sir G.M. Boughey, Bt, C.B.E, P.D.G.D.C , Assistant Provincial Grand Master. W.Bro A.H. Edwards, Prov.S.G.W. W.Bro. J.J. Cole, Prov.J.G.W. W.Bro. Bishop C.J.G Saunders, P.D.G, Chap, Prov. G Chaplain. W.Bro. F.W.A. Cushman, P.G.D, P.P.S.W, Provincial Grand Secretary. W.Bro. H.C. Edwards, P.A.G.D.C, Provincial G.D of C. W.Bro. B. Stevens, Provincial Grand Organist. The Founder Members Were :- Rt. W. Bro. P.J. Sproule, P.Dist.G.M (F.A) W.Bro. A. Cairns, P.P.A.G.D.C Bro. H.M. Bennett W.Bro.N.C.Cowd, Pr,G.St Bro. W.H. Carver W.Bro. S.H. Ockenden, P.P.A.G.D.C Bro. J.J. Coe W.Bro. L. Polhill, P.P.G.St.B Bro. G.A. Gates W.Bro. Newland Tompkins,P.P.G.St.B Bro. A. Greaves W.Bro. H.S. Chamberlain Bro. W.J. Hatton - Jones W.Bro. W.B. Heywood-Waddington Bro. F.C. Hill W.Bro. H James Bro. C.H. Hoole W.Bro. C.H. Mosse Bro.R.G. Martin W.Bro. W.Piercy Bro S.R. Martin W.Bro. F.Sellwood Bro. H. Parkin W.Bro. E.M. West Bro. I.F. Richardson W.Bro. A.G. Whittaker Bro. M.A. Townshend The first Worshipful Master was W. Bro. A.G Whittaker, who was installed at the consecration meeting. Bro W.H. Carver was appointed secretary of the lodge and held this office over a period of 24 years except for a short break to serve as worshipful master, in 1964 he was presented with a token of esteem and honourable membership of the lodge. Another worthy founder of the lodge was W. Bro. F. Selwood, who was elected treasurer in 1941, retired from that office in 1977 with a token of esteem for his 36 years of service. The first regular meeting in March 1940, was to approve the “by- laws” of the lodge, as a matter of interest the broken column collected £1.11.5p and the supper at the Norfolk Arms Hotel cost (Three shillings and sixpence!) In September 1940, due to the war conditions the meeting place removed to the church hall at Littlehampton, The Home of Howard Lodge of Brotherly Love. The Masonic hall had been requisitioned as a war time first aid post and continued as such until November 1944. For this assistance, the Arundel Lodge was most grateful and agreed that the worshipful master of the Howard Lodge of Brotherly Love and his successors should be honorary members during their year of office. A large number of items of the lodge furniture were presented by the founders of the Lodge, but in more recent years new items have been added. W.Bro. G.J Robinson, P.P.J.G.W. arranged his sister-in–law to embroider a new banner to replace the original and this was dedicated in april 1965, by V.W Bro. The Rev. C.H. Morse,  the then deputy provincial grand master. From inception until 1983 music was provided by an organ of French manufacture which gave long and valuable service over many years, but eventually it expired and the present organ was purchased from a bequest from W.Bro. W.H. Carver, a founder member. The “G” was presented by W.Bro.G.H Stevens, the “heavy maul” and past masters board by W.Bros.C.J Lewis, The D. Of C’s batons were presented by W.Bros. C.J Wilde and D.G. Cheeseman, a regular visitor from Selsey Lodge. The “miniature trowel” was presented by W.Bro. T. Nixon, of Lodge No 370, Scottish constitution, the lodge with which a very close relationship has been built up since 1981 and has flourished over the years, During the period of existence of the Lodge, there have been ninety nine initiates and the present membership is 70 which is drawn from the surrounding area. The regular meetings of the Lodge have been held on the fourth Friday in January, February (installation), March, April, September, October, and November.                         
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